Welcome to CoinDL.net – Cryptocurrecy Coin Downloads Repository

Hello everyone! It’s coolindark,

Welcome to CoinDL.net – Cryptocurrecy Coin Downloads Repository!

This website has been created for helping people to reach all cryptocurrency wallets and sources from a single place. Due to cryptocurrency market changes, lots of coins come and go like a wind. That’s why most people cannot find coin wallets and sources after a very short time since first launch.

CoinDL has their own servers for wallets and sources and acts like a backup place and also a permanent source! You will find updates day by day and the database will have all cryptocurrencies. If you would like to see your coin in CoinDL, please reach me over admin@coolindark.com with sharing your source and announcement links.

You will find sources and Windows wallets for now. OSX wallets will be added if there will be requests. Windows wallets will have both x86 and x64 versions in the same package if the coin dev also has both versions.

You may search the coin from the top Search Bar or you may also check the top menu too see wallets letter-based.

Please remember, all sources and wallets has been downloaded from original source, scan with antivirus and uploadedĀ  to CoinDL repositories. But anyway, it’s always better to make a virus scan before executing wallets on your own computer.